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Welcome to Kingdom Stars Assembly

We are a vibrant parish under The Redeemed Christian Church of God, dedicated to raising Kingdom Stars for global influence through the teaching and application of God’s Word. 

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2024: Our Year of Joy Unspeakable

The five major ladders

  • The Year of The Holy Spirit

    (Isa 11:1-16 MSG; Joel 2:2-11 NLT)

  • The Year of Comprehensive Divine Coverage

    (Isa: 4:1-6 MSG; Isa 8: 9-10 MSG)

  • The Year of Focus and Acceleration

    (Phi 3:12-21 MSG; 1 Cor 2:9 TPT)

  • The Year of Double Rendering

    (Rev 18:6; Jer 16:18 & Zech 9.12 KJV; Isa 61.7 MSG)

  • The Year of God’s Story

    (Rom 4:1-3 MSG; Jer 31:1-6 MSG)

Support our mission to build a house for the lord

At Kingdom Stars Assembly, our unwavering mission is to secure the necessary resources to bring our vision to fruition, a vision that encompasses both the acquisition of the property for ‘Jesus House’ and the subsequent construction of our sacred space.

Immediate Goal

In the short term, our ambitious objective is to raise $1.95 million, which will be diligently pursued between November 2023 and March 2024, to facilitate the acquisition of the property where ‘Jesus House’ will stand.

2 Year Goal

Simultaneously, we have set our sights on a comprehensive, two-year endeavor. By the close of 2025, our target is to achieve an additional $6 million in fundraising, which will meticulously allocated to the actual construction of the ‘Jesus House’ project. This significant aspiration drives us forward, and with your unwavering generosity and support, we are resolute in our commitment to creating a sanctuary where faith is nourished, community thrives, and where hearts ultimately find their spiritual home through Christ Jesus.

Pastor David and Lola Adeosun

Raising Kingdom Stars ...

Welcome to Kingdom Stars Assembly (KSA) in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, a vibrant parish under The Redeemed Christian Church of God. At KSA, we are dedicated to raising Kingdom Stars through the teaching and application of God’s Word. 

We strongly believe that the scripture is the picture of your future. The scripture says: “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are (IDENTITY) and what we are living for (PURPOSE).” (Eph 1.11MSG emphasis added). Understanding your true identity and purpose is crucial for reigning in life and fulfilling your destiny. 

Be a part of our mission to build a worthy sanctuary for the Lord

Join hands with us in bringing 'JESUS HOUSE' to life by contributing to our fundraising objectives to acquire and build a sacred space for our worship gatherings.

Put your money where your faith is...

At Kingdom Stars Assembly, we give not out of obligation or fear, but for our love for God and out of a shared desire to witness the growth of the gospel in our time. Join us in partnership today. Put your money where your faith is.

I have decided to give my life to Jesus...

Lord Jesus, this day, I accept all you have become for my sake and I accept your forgiveness. I confess you as my Lord and I accept you as my saviour. Thank you for my name is in the book of life. I know I am accepted into the beloved. I appreciate you. I am born again now, in Jesus name. Amen!

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Our community Initiatives

These initiatives collectively underscore Kingdom Stars Assembly’s dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals within Guelph and beyond. Our commitment to social responsibility remains steadfast as we strive to improve our community through diverse and impactful outreach programs.

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