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We Have Been Driving Positive Impact

In our church’s capacity, we have actively engaged in a myriad of community impact activities, underscoring our commitment to fostering positive change and upholding social responsibility since inception. Apart from our hope-giving programs, we have made other significant contributions to the Guelph community.

Join the journey to create a sacred place

At "Jesus House", we envision a hub for our community to come together, strengthen bonds, and support one another on life's journey. A source of inspiration, hope, and positive change for all who enter its doors.
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- Our community Initiatives -

These initiatives collectively underscore Kingdom Stars Assembly’s dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals within Guelph and beyond. Our commitment to social responsibility remains steadfast as we strive to improve our community through diverse and impactful outreach programs.

Christmas Carol Renditions for Seniors in Homes & Residents [2014 to 2018]

Spreading festive cheer and companionship among seniors residing in homes and communities.

Rehoboth Downtown Feeding [2016 to 2018]

Addressing the immediate needs of individuals by providing nourishing meals in the downtown area.

Grocery Drives [2020 till date]

(Individuals, Hope House Guelph, House of Friendship Kitchener) Alleviating food insecurity through targeted grocery drives benefiting individuals and partnering with esteemed organizations.

Easter Turkey Drive [April 2022]

Ensuring that families in our community can enjoy a festive Easter meal through the distribution of turkeys

Newcomers Settlement Service by Kingdom New Comers Connect [Since 2023]

Facilitating the integration and settlement of international students, permanent residents, and refugees into the Canadian community.

Joy-Spreading Street Praise Outdoor Event [Since July 2022]

Infusing joy into the community through uplifting outdoor events that celebrate positivity and togetherness.

March Break Teenagers Retreat [2019 - Date]

Providing constructive and engaging activities for teenagers during the March break period.

Men of Purpose's Donations to House of Friendship and Addiction Services

Supporting organizations dedicated to addiction services and community well-being.

Young Girls' Book Club [July 2023]

Empowering young girls to embrace their uniqueness through literacy and community-building initiatives.

Women of Faith Supply Donation [2016]

Demonstrating compassion by donating toiletry supplies to the Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis organization.

Welcome Social Events for International Students in University of Guelph [Sept. 2016 - 2019]

Extending a warm welcome to international students, fostering a sense of community and inclusion.

Guelph City Run [2021]

Powering the fight against homelessness, substance abuse and mental health by running together.

Support our mission to build a house for the lord

At Kingdom Stars Assembly, our unwavering mission is to secure the necessary resources to bring our vision to fruition, a vision that encompasses both the acquisition of the property for ‘Jesus House’ and the subsequent construction of our sacred space.

Immediate Goal

In the short term, our ambitious objective is to raise $1.95 million, which will be diligently pursued between November 2023 and March 2024, to facilitate the acquisition of the property where ‘Jesus House’ will stand.

2 Year Goal

Simultaneously, we have set our sights on a comprehensive, two-year endeavor. By the close of 2025, our target is to achieve an additional $6 million in fundraising, which will meticulously allocated to the actual construction of the ‘Jesus House’ project. This significant aspiration drives us forward, and with your unwavering generosity and support, we are resolute in our commitment to creating a sanctuary where faith is nourished, community thrives, and where hearts ultimately find their spiritual home through Christ Jesus.